OKLAHOMA CITY - Jury selection has begun, again, in the trial of Joseph Cyr. It's taken almost five years to get to this point.

Cyr sat quietly as 30 potential jurors were questioned Monday. Much of the questioning surrounded how much potential jurors knew about the case through the media. 

Only six could recall much, even though the case has garnered quite a bit of media attention.

On Dec. 9, 2011, Jaymie Adams, a prostitute who advertised online, went out to meet several men. Her husband, Justin Adams, often accompanied her when to make sure she was safe, but that night, he decided to stay home to watch the couple’s three children.

When Jaymie Adams didn't come home, Justin Adams made a tearful plea for her safe return.

Jaymie Adams' body was found Jan. 7, 2012, at a dirt bike track in southeast Oklahoma City. 

She had been stabbed 29 times, killing her and her unborn baby. Her husband was initially charged with the crime, but those charges were reduced to manslaughter.

"They did not have him at the crime scene, near the crime scene, any forensics on him putting him there, any person putting him there," said Adams’ attorney, Irven Box.

Evidence on the body led police to Cyr. 

The 34-year old has been at the Oklahoma County jail since he was arrested back in April 2013. He claims he never met up with Jaymie Adams, even though authorities say his DNA  was found in her.

Potential jurors were told Monday that they would be hearing testimony from Jaymie's husband, Justin Adams, and that they would have to determine Cyr's guilt or innocence, regardless of whether prosecutors were able to provide them with a motive for the crime.

Court records also show a motion has been filed to bring the jury, once it's seated, to the crime scene.