OKLAHOMA CITY - With Halloween around the corner, items are flying off the shelves at costume stores including clown masks.

At Party Galaxy off of Northwest Expressway in Oklahoma City, they aren’t letting the recent creepy clown craze scare them off the shelves.

Clown masks and costumes are everywhere at Party Galaxy. Employee Colette Carter said clowns are part of Halloween tradition and isn’t buying into the clown scare.

“We have always sold clown. We have never had any issues with them. No one has complained to us about it,” said Carter.

All Hallow’s Eve is supposed to be a little spooky, but harmless. Carter said it’s about the intent of the person behind the clown mask. So far, mostly kids and teenagers are buying the creepy clown masks to innocently clown around.

“If you’re just all about having fun and just want to dress up, I don’t see anything wrong with it,” she said.

Party Galaxy is keeping the creepy clowns in store for people to buy and hoping the threat will soon fade out.

The Oklahoma City Police Department said the creepy clown craze has not been a big issue in Oklahoma City.