OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation announced Wednesday afternoon they would be offering up to a $10,000 reward for a video that reportedly shows Carina Saunders being killed.

"This was a particularly brutal case," OSBI Director Stan Florence said.

The OSBI was asked by Bethany police to investigate the case a year after Saunders' body was found.

Florence announced they have interviewed more than 100 people and reviewed volumes of reports gathered during their investigation and the one done by Bethany police.

He said they have received eyewitness accounts that a video of Saunders' homicide does exist and that people have seen parts of it.

"Anyone who saw that, should feel compelled to turn this in," said Jim Ely, the lead OSBI investigator on the case. "It's the right thing to do."

The OSBI has also narrowed down the timeline that Carina Saunders was last seen by her friends and family but still don't know what happened in the days before her dismembered body, which was stuffed in a duffel bag, was found in a field near NW 23 and Rockwell Avenue on Oct. 13, 2011.

The OSBI did release a picture of the kind of pickup Saunders reportedly got into at the Newcastle Casino the last day she was seen alive.

That day was Oct. 8, 2011.

"We're hoping the person who drove the truck will come in and not feel threatened in any way," Ely said. "We just want to talk to him and get the story." 

The OSBI also wants to talk to some girls who were seen in a nearby dark car, pleading with Saunders not to get into the pickup.

"If they will come forward, we would like to talk to them, find out what they saw, what they witnessed, why they were concerned about Carina's safety getting in this red pickup," said Florence.

Members of Saunders' family were also at Wednesday's news conference, hoping this leads to a break in the case.

"That's a nightmare we live everyday," said Sara Saunders, Carina's sister. "We don't get to end it. And until somebody comes forward and has the humanity and kindness and want to help our family and our sister receive justice, we'll never get that." 

"Five years is a long time not to be able to speak or hold or hug my daughter," said Margie Queen, Carina Saunders' mother. "And to the killers, know that we will never give up until justice is served."

If you have any information, call the OSBI Hotline at 1 (800) 522-8017.