OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma man accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from a doctor who hired him to build a storm shelter is still being investigated by the Oklahoma Attorney General for other allegations of fraud.

The people News 9 talked to say they are out hundreds of thousands of dollars and just want to see a little bit of justice, since they doubt they will ever recoup the cash. 

Now, they have some hope.

On Wednesday, the Attorney General's office filed one felony charge of embezzlement against Wheeler. And a spokesperson confirm Wheeler has three other cases pending that they are investigating too.

I'm glad that it has happened finally," said Betty Roberts. "It's been a long time coming!"

Roberts came to News 9 two years ago and showed a crew what was supposed to be her dream home - a vast space of unfinished walls, windows, and a roof they had to install. A house she is still unable to live in.

"Nope, still living in a tool shed, didn't get a house," said Roberts.

Roberts said she took out a bank loan and gave Taylor Wheeler $115,000 to do the construction work, since he came recommended by the bank and was the bank president's son. 

When she found out he was criminally charged and had to face the judge with tears in his eyes, she had this to say:

"I've shed a few tears myself in the also two years so it's about time someone else feel the strain and pressure.”

News 9 has also learned that another Oklahoma man received this judgment from the Oklahoma County Court against Wheeler, after he said he loaned him almost a quarter of a million dollars to buy a house.

The court documents state Wheeler never paid him back and then he filed bankruptcy.

Roberts said she's sure there are even more victims out there, and encourages them to come forward and report it to the Attorney General's office.

"Absolutely the do, doesn't matter how big or small, a scam is a scam," said Roberts. "People that work hard don't deserve that."

Right now Wheeler is out on a $2,000 bond. 

John Martino, Wheeler's attorney in the felony embezzlement case, contacted News 9 late Friday afternoon. He stated his client maintains his innocence and is in talks and cooperating with the Attorney General's office.