OKLAHOMA CITY - Hurricane Matthew hit the southwestern coast of Haiti on Tuesday. An Oklahoma organization called Mission Direct Haiti is making strides to help the people there.

“There is no way Haiti could take another hit via hurricane or earthquake,” Mission Direct Haiti founder and CEO Tijuania Hudson said. 

She has been to Haiti 20 times in the past two years, seeing the best and the worst of the country.

Hudson is concerned that the infrastructure in Haiti can’t handle Hurricane Matthew.

She said the buildings could barely withstand a rainstorm, let alone winds of 145 mph in a category IV hurricane.

“You see tarps as houses, wood homes, mud homes,” said Hudson.

She said they don’t have preparations for severe weather like those in the United States.

Her Haitian delegate for Mission Direct Haiti has reported back saying people are starving.

Hudson said when the hurricane hit, everything was shut down. It left people hungry so they are running a bread drive to get the people of Haiti food immediately. Mission Direct Haiti is collecting money for immediate relief.