OKLAHOMA CITY - Metro police are looking for a shoplifter who targeted a liquor store in southeast Oklahoma City.

The manager of Thunder Wine and Liquor tells News 9 a man walked out of her store without buying anything, but says his pockets were full of stolen liquor.

Rita Griffin has been a manager at Thunder Wine and Liquor store for four years. In all that time she says she's seen all kinds of customers at her counter. But she says one customer in particular caught her attention.

“[He had] very baggy pants [and a] very large white T-shirt,” Griffin told News 9.

And Griffin now knows he used all that extra space to his advantage.

Griffin says the man had more than $100 worth of liquor stuffed in his pants. Reviewing the surveillance footage, she says she worries about what else he was hiding.

“In several of the pictures I can see in the video it looked like back there, there was a black spot that was kinda shaped like a gun I could see through his T-shirt.”

The man on camera spent a long time lingering near the cash register before attempting to buy something with a declined card. Griffin says she fears if there were fewer people in the store, the man would've attempted something dangerous.

“I was thinking he may have tried something with her, robbed the place or whatever because I don't think I could’ve lived with that.”

Griffin also has surveillance images from the convenience store next door where the manager there says he also used several declined cards. Oklahoma City Police confirm a report was filed, and while the investigation continues, Griffin says she has few words for the suspect.

“I'd tell him what a dirty rat he was, but not in those words.”