EL RENO, Oklahoma - An El Reno teenager is fighting to stay alive. Her family believes bullying at school is what led the girl to try and take her own life.

Kara Walker is in ICU at The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center and is suffering brain damage, but despite that her family isn't giving up hope.

"She's just beautiful,” her mother Malisha Avian said. “For her to feel like that is not ok."

Kara Walker is just 14, and had her whole life ahead of her until one day last week when she tried to end it.

“She's beautiful. Beautiful inside and out,” her mother said. “She couldn't believe it, because so many people were ugly. So many people had so many ugly things to say to her."

Malisha believes her daughter was bullied at school.

Now, letters from her classmates are pouring into her hospital room, but her mother wishes the support would have come sooner.

"She didn't want to go to school anymore, and she told me a few kids had picked on her and stuff, and I told her, 'Kara, kids are cruel,’” she said.

It's been a rough year for the family. This past summer Kara lost her little brother to SIDS. He was just three months old.

"We had donated his organs after he had passed away,” her mother said. “They let us know that he saved 37 babies lives."

Just as he saved lives, Kara’s family hopes by sharing her story, she can save lives too.

"You need to think about the words that you do say, because the words you say do affect somebody,” she said. “You do not know what that person is going through. They might seem ok on the outside, but on the inside they might be dying."

The family says they're not asking for anything but awareness and prayers.