NOBLE, Oklahoma - A dispute is brewing between a metro woman and her landlord over the remains of her deceased parents.

She claims after she and her husband's eviction from their mobile home two months ago, they were locked out and couldn't retrieve the ashes. 

Now the ashes are missing.

Leslie Alexander said the Noble home was locked and they weren't allowed to get their stuff including the remains of her parents. 

“My mom and dad’s ashes. They’re in a marble urn, it’s a solid marble urn, and it’s a two compartment and they’re both in there,” Alexander said.

Alexander said she has hit a dead end.

The past two months have been a daily battle to get the ashes of her parents back.

“I have begged. I told them all I want is my mom and dad’s ashes,” she said.

Alexander said it has turned into a feud between herself and Scott Chapman, owner of Chapman Properties in Noble. 

Chapman rented the mobile home to Alexander and her husband for three months before they were evicted for allegedly not paying rent.

“We’ve had to start right from the ground up again,” said Alexander.

“We never saw any ashes in there,” Chapman said. “We never saw any urns, we never saw anything that looked remotely like that.”

Chapman said he has bent over backwards to help them, but eventually had to lock them out of the home.

“They got an entire trailer worth of stuff that I didn’t have to give them back, but I thought, hey, you know what, these people need stuff,” he said. “So I feel like she’s trying to use this as some kind of leverage to say that we did something wrong.”

“I don’t know what to do. Don’t know,” she said. “Lost.”

At this point, Alexander doesn't believe the ashes are even there.

“Or if I will ever have them again. I don’t know. I cry. I dream about it,” she said.

Alexander said her husband and Chapman have already appeared in court over the eviction.

She said she's considering taking Chapman to small claims court for the missing ashes.