OKLAHOMA CITY - Daniel Holtzclaw, 27, remains in jail on a $5 million bond. He is accused of sex crimes against women he encountered during his patrols as an Oklahoma City police officer.

The allegations laid out in the arrest warrant released Friday morning are disturbing.

It includes a timeline of events that span a four-month period, and all occur within the officer's patrol route.

According to the court document, police began investigating Holtzclaw back in May.

During their inquiries, one of the reported victims told investigators that Holtzclaw approached her on May 8, while she was just walking down the street.

She says he placed her in his squad car, took her to N.E. 24th Street and then told her to perform oral sex.

Then on June 18, police received a similar report from a woman claiming an officer forced her to perform oral sex on him during a traffic stop near N.E. 50th Street and Lincoln Boulevard.

“It was him, no doubt about it. It was him,” said the victim, whose identity we are protecting. “He did that to me.”

Police then identified a woman who says she was sexually assaulted by Holtzclaw on February 27 and then again on March 25.

She claims he harassed her on various occasions and advised her to "play by his rules."

The report states he told her to expose her breasts and even touched them with his hands.

During the investigation, police located a woman who says she was walking down N.E. 18th Street on May 7 when Holtzclaw stopped her, forced her into his patrol car, drove her to a school and raped her.

Police spoke with two other women who say Holtzclaw also approached them and touched them when they were just walking down the street, and it happened in April and May of this year.