MOORE, Oklahoma - The City of Moore continues to bounce back after the May tornado. In fact, it's preparing for substantial growth, with dozens of new restaurants and stores.

The urban sprawl continues. Remember how excited people were to see Dairy Queen's return after two decades. More of that excitement is literally right around the corner.

Just south of the May 20 destruction, it's easy to see, Moore moves forward without looking back.

It's the stretch 19th St. just west of I-35. To the south, farmland is being sold and leased. To the north, big plans are in the works.

Broker Randy Vaillancourt says 15 acres of this land will be home to Thirty Five West Apartments. The rest will be commercial retail. Due to contract agreements, Vaillancourt can't spill the beans on store names just yet, but says expect to see a mix of both big box and high-end stores.

Shoppers know the excitement extends well past Moore. What's good for the southern suburb is good for the entire metro. City officials say they know traffic is a concern here which is why they are currently working on plans to widen 19th St.

The City of Moore has grown about 1,300 people per year since 2008.