OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police arrested a man accused of threatening the Oklahoma County Courthouse Thursday morning.

According to the report, Christopher Maidt, 51, contacted the Oklahoma County Courthouse and threatened to "blow it up and kill everyone there."

Authorities arrived at Maidt's home to only find his mother. She directed police to the Days Inn at N.W. 39th and May, where Maidt was staying. On arrival, Maidt allowed police to enter his hotel room.

The police report stated Maidt told officers he was ex-military, and his aggression stemmed from an incident during a prior arrest two weeks before. He accused authorities for the disappearance of his St. Christopher Medal.

After more discussion, police determined the medal disappearance was not by fault of authorities. Probable cause for arrest was present, but the officer gave Maidt a second chance. He talked with Maidt about visiting the jail to report the issue in a civilized manner.

Immediately after police left the hotel, Maidt called and placed a second threat. Police returned to the hotel and took Maidt into custody. He was booked into the county jail under charges of threatening to commit an act of violence.

As the officer took Maidt into custody, he claimed "he was one of God's chosen ones."