OKLAHOMA CITY - An armed robber held a fast food manager at gunpoint and the tense moments were all caught on camera.

The robber made off with a lot of cash but left behind some telling evidence. Now, Bethany detectives are hoping to close in on this robber before it happens again.

The Braum's at N.W. 23rd and Rockwell is back to business as usual. It's been a few days since a gunman robbed the place.

Without many witnesses in this case, Bethany detectives are focused on the video captured by surveillance cameras inside the restaurant.

The gunman can be seen rushing in through a back door, running past the ice cream counters, and heading right to his target. As the manager counts the cash for Saturday night's sales, the robber sticks a gun to his head and demands all of the cash.

What's more, the robber never shows his face to the surveillance camera, as if he already knows where each one is placed.

Still, detectives believe his clothing is unique and will likely help solve the case.

It is certainly something the Braum's manager will not soon forget. Even in those tense moments, detectives say this manager did the right thing.

If you recognize the jacket or know anything about this case, call Bethany police, they want to hear from you.