SPENCER, Oklahoma - After four months in ICU, a Spencer woman who survived a crash that killed her friend is showing signs of improvement.

Oklahoma County investigators said a taxi driver crashed into the women and he's now charged with several crimes- including manslaughter.

"It's been rough," Luther Ford said.

Luther Ford hopes he and his wife will get to celebrate 44 years of marriage, but Mary Ford is fighting for her life right now.

"Things you can replace, but life you can't replace and that's the most important thing we have," Luther Ford explained.

Mary Ford was driving with Dorothy Crain on July 21, 2013, and court documents said a taxi driven by Ronnie Wright Junior slammed into Ford's car, causing it to flip at N.E. 13th and Stonewall.

Crain was killed.

Luther Ford said Mary was nearly paralyzed, suffered burns from the gasoline and spent 122 days in ICU. She is still on a ventilator after being transferred to a specialty hospital east of Tulsa.

Investigators said Wright had a vial in his car, which tested positive for PCP.

"If we don't forgive one another, then we cannot be forgiven ourselves," Luther Ford reflected. "But still, when you do something, you've got to pay the price, there is a penalty to pay."

Wright Jr. is charged with first degree manslaughter, causing an accident while driving a vehicle without a valid driver's license, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of a firearm after prior convictions.

Court records said he was speeding when he caused the wreck.

"It's a tragedy and a loss," said Marcus Crain, the only child of Dorothy Crain.

"I've been taking it one day at a time and the holidays are coming up and I think that's the hardest thing," Crain explained.

Wright Jr. has numerous drug convictions and pending drug cases.

As hard as the details are to hear, Crain said he has made up his mind about the man accused of killing his mother.

"This is a challenge for me and the Ford family, but we forgive him," Crain said.

Wright Jr. has pleaded not guilty to the four charges in this case.

The Crains and Fords all served in a prison ministry together. Both families said they will carry on that legacy and lean on their faith to pull them through the tragedy.