ENID, Oklahoma - Jerry Kunkel was the "Forrest Gump" of the Kennedy Assassination.

Jerry was a 24-year-old Dallas radio disc jockey who deftly conned his way into Parkland Hospital after the shooting. A doctor who had just worked on the fallen President thought Kunkel was a Secret Service agent, and told Kunkel that Kennedy was dead when the two men were in the restroom. 

Kunkel was the first media member in the world to report President Kennedy was dead. Twelve hours later, Kunkel stood next to a young Dan Rather and yelled questions at Lee Harvey Oswald in awkward news conference, the likes of which would never be held now. 

Kunkel is convinced Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. 

"Oswald was a sick American hater. He was in the Marines. He got out and moved to Moscow." 

After Dallas, Kunkel had a long career working in the media. At 74-years-old, he still works in Enid in a company with retired law enforcement officers.