OKLAHOMA CITY - Sometimes it's not too early to spread a little Christmas cheer. Oklahoma City firefighters and Continental Resources did just that for an entire elementary school.

More than 475 students at Greystone Upper Elementary received a brand new winter coat.

Eighty two percent of Greystone Upper Elementary students are on free lunches, and 88 percent are low income.

But on Monday, for two hours, none of that mattered. Because every single student left the gym feeling warm all over.

"Many of our students come to school without coats even in the mornings, this is going to be great for them," principal Max Miller said.

And with that, at 8:30 a.m., the assembly begins.

Approximately 475 students, piling into one gym, unaware of their surprise waiting in the other gym.

"All the firefighters donate to the program, and then we have a company that matches our donations," battalion chief Steve Lumry said.

At 8:45 a.m., the pledge of allegiance. And at 8:50 a.m., the National Anthem. Then after the opening ceremony, the much anticipated announcement.

"We have a cost for all of you," the firefighters announced.

The initial reaction is a little contained, but changed soon after.

"They make us feel pretty special when we get to be around them," a fire fighter said.

"I'm going to get green," an elementary student said.

"That's what we're here to do. That's what we are all about, helping people and if it's kids then it makes a difference in our lives," Lumry said.

"Thank you everything that you do. If a kitty is stuck in the tree you will climb up and get it, also you put out fires so people will live. This is real fresh," a student said.

"This feels warm, I like my coat very much, it's warm," students said.

"Nothing can beat seeing that smile on that kids face," Lumry said.

"I feel like I'm powerful," a student said.

"To have our firefighters engaging with the students so they see them as a role model and someone who's there for them it's amazing," Miller said.

There were a few students on Monday who weren't able to get coats. But not to worry, they were handed a t-shirt which guaranteed them a special shopping trip to buy a coat.