STILLWATER, Oklahoma - A two-day sex sting in Stillwater results in 26 people arrested in connection to a prostitution ring. Stillwater police and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics conducted the sting.

The ages of those arrested range from 19 to 66 years old. Tuesday night, Oklahoma State confirms two men arrested are students at the university.

Also arrested, an executive director of a national honor fraternity and sorority.

Sixteen men and ten women were all arrested late last week in connection with prostitution in Stillwater.

"In this particular case, we did not make any rescues and all of them said they were not forced into it," said Mark Woodward with Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

The Stillwater police along with the Oklahoma Bureau of narcotics called the two-day sting "Operation Dragon Slayer."

"Some of it takes place on the internet, chat rooms and blogs, word of mouth, flyers," Woodward said.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jacob McCabe and 22-year-old Sunil Bangalore-Krishnappa are currently students at OSU. Krishnappa is highly active in the university.

According to his LinkedIn account, he is a research assistant at OSU and is currently serving as treasurer of the university's automation society.

"It's not unusual for the johns to come from all walks of life," Woodward said.

The oldest individual arrested was 66-year-old Lt. Col. Alan Bonner.

Bonner is a retired member of the Air Force and is currently the National Executive Director of the honorary band fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi and sorority Tau Beta Sigma.

"It's not surprising any more who the people are arrested in these situations," Woodward said.

In an official statement to News 9, Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma state that Mr. Bonner is currently on paid administrative leave and they are awaiting the legal process to take its course.

No charges have been filed yet.

But Woodward informed News 9 the ten women will be charged for engaging in prostitution, six men charged for pandering, and 11 men for soliciting prostitution.