OKLAHOMA CITY - It was a yearlong project. Over 1,200 hours and endless work by many volunteers. The OK Cityscape was built to collect dollars, now it's only collecting dust.

His name isn't Zack, but like many others, he started as a Lego maniac.

"I don't remember life without the brick, I've just always been building," said LEGO Master builder Kurt Zimmerle.

Back in 2009, Lego Master builder Kurt Zimmerle built OK Cityscape.

"OKC definitely has a warm spot in my heart," Zimmerle said.

The detailed Lego city, which is mainly to scale, was on display at Penn Square Mall from November of '09 to January 2010.

"Everybody loves Lego's, it's a timeless toy," said The Exchange General Manager, Lindsay Ellis.

The purpose is to raise money.

"Our goal is and always has been to raise money for the most at risk kids in the state," said Ellis.

It was successful, raising over $500,000 for charity.

"The power that it has just to unite generations, everyone loves it," Ellis said.

But now, four years later, OK Cityscape is homeless.

"It had just been in storage, so we decided to just set it back up here, and when we had events people could come see it," Ellis said.

Even though it still gets a few looks from time to time, Cityscape and the people involved need to find it a home, especially before the holidays.

"Bottom line it needs a home," Ellis said.

All the details remain, down to the doormen at the Skirvin and the construction efforts downtown, The Exchange, can no longer hold the city in its hands.

"It's not doing what it is designed to do and it's designed to raise funds," Ellis said.

Even if it seems searching to the ends of the Lego earth.

"When we find a partner we will work with them and raise money and bring joy to kids across Oklahoma City," Ellis said.

If you would like to see it, The Exchange is located off Sheridan.

For more information, contact Lindsay Ellis at Lellis@exchangeokc.com.