YUKON, Oklahoma - Imagine building an entire church from the ground up. Now imagine doing that in a day. That was exactly what the United Pentecostal Church is doing at their new location in Yukon.

"This is what unity can do," explained Pastor Chris Moore. "They have all decided to come and give us their time. We actually have skilled trades, but a lot of volunteers have come here just cleaning, picking up paper and doing a lot of different things."

Volunteers from around the area feverishly worked Friday into Saturday to put the finishing touches on the new church. Construction started Friday with framing and roofing. After non-stop cutting, hammering and painting, the church stood almost ready for service on Saturday afternoon.

Moore said that the location of the new church was no accident. The new building stands in a low-income neighborhood, ready to help anyone who needs a hand up.

"We have family and life focus. What that is acts, alcohol and drug dependency classes that are mandated by the county and as well as people that voluntarily want to come. And then anger management and then also parenting," Moore said.

Moore says the quick-build will allow the congregation to begin ministering quickly. With the exterior nearly finished Saturday morning, the focus moved to the inside where plumbing and electrical installs were started.

While the structure itself will serve as a community resource for the area, Moore said it will be up to his congregation to actually reach out and minister to the people.

The first service inside the church is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 3 at 2 p.m.