OKLAHOMA CITY - A man died while in police custody shortly after they handcuff him to take him away. But just minute earlier, several neighbors in the area held the man down until officers arrived.

This happened late Monday night in southeast Oklahoma City. Police responded near S.E. 33rd and Byers after receiving several 911 calls from neighbors in the area, saying someone was trying to break into cars and houses.

Desiree White lives in the area near where the man was captured, and said both her dogs' barking, and a car screeching to a halt, alerted her to the scene near the driveway.

Police say when they arrived on the scene, they found several neighbors had actually jumped on top of the guy, who they claimed was drunk or high and breaking into their cars. And they were holding him down until officers got there.

Police say it was only after their officer had him in custody, that he started showing signs of distress.

Surveillance camera of a business across the street captured the moment police arrive on scene to assist the neighbors who made the citizen's arrest, but then the video starts breaking up. It then captures the scene after paramedics arrive to try to revive the suspect. He later died at a local hospital.

It will be up to the Medical Examiner's office to determine his cause of death.

Police say he was wanted on several felony warrants, and was driving a stolen car.