OKLAHOMA CITY - Two men caught flipping for money have to cough up cash for not having a city-issued permit. Oklahoma City police arrested the men for panhandling at N.W. 122nd Street and Penn.

But they weren't just begging. They were doing tricks.

"It is kind of like an exchange. It may be something we do people like it and they help us out," said Cody Lamb, who was arrested.

The two men performed several flips until a police officer stopped the show, handcuffed them and put the men in the back of the squad car. Lamb said he was confused.

"I just asked what was going on? Please let me know what was going on. I have a wife and a baby that I am trying to take care of. I have a baby on the way it's hard to get by in this world with just one job," Lamb said.

His brother-in-law agrees.

"It does seem completely ridiculous to me to be arrested for doing backflips," said Jesse Hertz. "I wasn't getting in anyone's way. I was staying on the median perfectly. I wasn't demanding money. I was just walking around with a sign and people can roll own their windows and hand me money if they want." 

The two said they were earning money like kids washing for cars for cash, but the arresting officer said it wasn't the same. Oklahoma law says they need a permit.

They were arrested and ticketed for aggressively panhandling.