One hundred and seventeen Oklahomans went home tonight and had to tell their families they lost their jobs today. Why? Because stupid customers couldn't follow the instructions on the product they made.

Chances are, if you mow your own yard or have a generator, you have one of their products and you've never had any problem with it.

But that doesn't matter because a handful of people did... sued... and now Blitz USA, the biggest maker of gas cans in America with 70 percent of the gas can market, based in Miami, Oklahoma for 50 years, has been put out of business.

It seems, despite three warnings on the red plastic cans, and other safety precautions, some people thought it was a good idea to pour gasoline out of the cans onto open fires, and guess what happened... they got burned.

One dad living in a camper poured gas into a wood burning stove and his 4 year old daughter died.

Tragic, but I ask you the gas can maker's fault?

Of course not.

Their insurance company recommended Blitz settle the first such lawsuit filed by a careless consumer and they did for one million dollars... and then came more for between 5 and 10 million dollars.

Eventually lawsuits wiped the company out.

Infuriating. And so typical of today's culture of ignoring personal responsibility.