OKLAHOMA CITY - Firefighters responding to OU Medical Center's Presbyterian say there is no threat of fire in the building.

Firefighters say a construction company hit a power line outside of the medical tower and OG&E is on scene to repair the line. There were no evacuations or injuries during this incident.

Crews responded to the call after smoke was reported coming from a surgery lab and power was lost to the building.

The hospital released the following statement about the incident:

"Operations are back to near normal after a power line break at the adult tower of OU Medical Center.

A construction worker accidentally broke the line while doing demolition on the southwest side of the hospital shortly before 3 p.m. today.

Though some operations were temporarily disrupted as the hospital used a secondary emergency power line, at no time were patients, visitors or hospital staff in danger. No construction workers were hurt.

A few patients and employees in the outpatient department above the construction were moved to other locations after smoke from an overheated motor on the secondary power line briefly filled the area.

Hospital maintenance and OG & E are currently working to restore full power to the hospital.  All outpatient surgery appointments and other procedures will continue as scheduled tomorrow."