OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma River went dry last week when the river dam broke, leaving the river boats stuck in the mud. The city is hoping to get a good look at the potential damage to the boats very soon, but having them operational is another story.

News 9 has learned more about the city's now stuck in the mud river transit system and when you might be able to ride again.

Alarms on the dam did not immediately notify workers in OKC because the California company in charge of the alarm system had servers down.

Meanwhile, the city tells says water will be moved so the boats will no longer be stuck. Getting them operational with passengers will take some rain and that could take months.

"It could take a substantial amount of time.  But I'm hoping we will be back up and running by September," says River Transit Manager Jeanne Smith,

A third boat is operational, it's being used for tours and not transport needs.