OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police are looking for a man accused of robbing at least two women of their pain pills while they were walking to their cars in the parking lot after visiting the pharmacy.

We know of at least two attacks involving a man that police reports show occurred less than a mile apart from each other near S.W. 44th and Western.

However, surveillance cameras captured a pretty good shot of him as he was exiting one of the pharmacies.

The suspect was wearing a yellow shirt on the day of the alleged attack, and his pictures were captured near the door of the pharmacy.

"In each case the man follows the customers of the pharmacies out of the store, attacks them in the parking lot and then flees with their medication," Msgt. Gary Knight said.

One happened outside the pharmacy at the Integris Southwest Medical Complex and the other happened at an Orthopedic Clinic down the street.

The report from last Thursday states the woman ran after the man, jumped on his back and tried to place him in a choke hold, but he managed to get free.

She then jumped on his back again and punched the suspect as he was getting into the getaway car, but then he punched her in the face.

"He left in a silver large SUV, there was a female driving it, however, there's only photographs of the male that were taken inside of the store," Knight said.

In last Friday's report, it states a woman claims a man grabbed her arms and began wrestling her for her bag, and eventually overcoming her and taking the prescriptions.

But some pharmacy and security personnel we talked to wonder if the recent robberies may be part of a bigger scam, where addicts are robbing customers of their prescriptions, or working together to get doctors to write them replacement prescriptions.

Now neither of the women could be reached for comment about the robberies. If you have any information, you are urged to call police.

Police would like you to call Crime Stoppers, if you recognize the man in the surveillance photos.

You can remain anonymous.