OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are investigating a shooting that took place at a northeast Oklahoma City apartment complex Thursday evening.

Authorities are looking for two suspects they say were involved in the shooting. And even though it happened in broad daylight, nobody is talking.  

The apparent victim left by private vehicle despite a gunshot wound to the neck. The two suspects got away.

"I'm kind of scared to come outside. That's why I stay in the house. All this needs to stop. What if a child got killed?" Quinshay Littleton said.

It happened around dinnertime Thursday, with kids still playing at the apartment playground.

"It all started right here when they were in a big crowd and all of a sudden they just started fighting then they started shooting." Quennessee Jones said.

Residents of Grandview Boulevard Apartments began running when they heard the gunfire. Sky News 9 captured the scene from above.

No word on suspects' descriptions. If you have any information about this shooting, please contact police.

Police can't confirm if this was indeed gang related, as some people told News 9 on the scene.

Authorities are checking with local hospitals to find out who the male victim is, which could reveal more details of about shooting.