GOLDSBY, Oklahoma - It has been almost a year since a Goldsby, Oklahoma, man disappeared without a trace. Now his parents, and the detective working the case, are asking for your help in solving this cold case.

The family is handing out fliers everywhere they go. And they've increased the reward amount to $4,000, hoping it will inspire someone to come forward with information about their son's disappearance.

"The 19th of July, 2012 he will be missing one year," William K. Shipley said.

William K. Shipley still can't believe a year has gone by.

"Maybe this will come to an end one of these days," he said.

Bill Shipley, 47, was last seen at the Sonic drive through near the River Wind Casino in Norman.

According to the detective, a surveillance camera caught an image of Shipley with someone in the car with him. But no one knows who that person was.

Detectives say Shipley also made a call from his cell phone at around 5 o'clock that evening.

Though detectives say they received numerous anonymous tips, none of them have lead them to Shipley. But they continue to work the case.

Family members say they just want to bring their son home one way or the other.

Both Shipley's truck and jeep were taken, but the jeep was found a couple of weeks later abandoned at a south Oklahoma City apartment complex.

But his pickup truck, like him, is still missing.

If you have any information that could help solve this missing persons case, please call the McClain county sheriff's office.