OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma Arts Council supports and develops the arts in Oklahoma. In fiscal year 2011, the staff of 14 operated with a $5,511,704 budget. $4,406,689 came from our state tax dollars.

The funds are used for:

Community Arts Programs

Arts Education in Schools

Arts Learning in Communities

Public Awareness

Just 7% of the budget goes toward administrative expenses.

Executive Director Kim Baker said, "They support economic development, cultural development, we help through our education programs, develop our creative works force."

We wanted to know, who pays for the more than 300 pieces of art work displayed all over the State Capitol. Most of it is donated or privately funded. The Capital Preservation Commission oversees the operation of the capitol art. The 15 member committee is appointed and uses no tax dollars. The Arts Council does help with minor conservation, but needs more funding to preserve the art, especially from the lighting the dome brings in.

"There's no way to stop that lighting and the damage that lighting causes," Baker said. "So we're looking at ways to maybe help educate legislators and the public on how to make sure this doesn't happen and it's here for future generations."

We've all heard about the state law that requires 1.5% of construction projects to be used on artwork. That's handled by the Oklahoma Historical Society.