OKLAHOMA CITY - The NBA finals will put the eyes of the world on Oklahoma City. But city leaders want to make sure that the world learns what we as a city are really all about.

It starts with this media guide that is given to all media when they pick up their credentials. Just some quick facts about the city, places to visit, and restaurants. But it also steers them to an online newsroom.

When the Thunder takes the court, media from across the world will be covering it. But the Oklahoma City Chamber of commerce hopes the story goes beyond the arena.

"There's also an interest in what's this whole story all about," Cynthia Reid said.

That's why a team of professionals spent countless hours over the past week designing this media guide to introduce out of towners to Oklahoma's attractions and restaurants, and more importantly, an online resource that provides journalists with pictures, video, and suggested storylines, such as the city's progression from tragedy to triumph over the past 20 years,

Resources that those like Michael Rosenberg, a columnist with Sports Illustrated, may use when writing daily pieces.

"I think everyone in Oklahoma City has more than a sports story to tell, this is a validation and we've got a story we want to tell," he said.

Hopefully, the rest of the world will in turn get a better feel for what Oklahoma City is really all about.

Reid said up until now the story has been all about basketball, but she hopes in the coming days journalists will start expanding their coverage of the city.