I drove through downtown tonight, it was kind of quiet. Not 80's quiet, just not game night pandemonium.

I was just trying to organize the events of the past week and imagine what's to come. But honestly, I was at a roadblock trying to come up with a "2 Cents" idea.

I texted my friend, longtime local journalist and current Thunder Corporate Communications Vice President Dan Mahoney, and I asked him for any ideas. His response really struck me.

Dan's covered a lot, and has witnessed political, business, and now sports milestones. But he texted me, "Is this the coolest thing to ever happen in OKC?" of course talking about the NBA Finals spotlight swinging toward our city.

It's a great question. Coolest?

I stood in the canal the night they started pumping water into it. That was very cool. My first peek through the outfield construction fence at the halfway finished Bricktown Ballpark. The first rowing races on an eyesore of a drainage ditch. The Devon Tower. Getting an NBA team. Cool cool cool.

But I'll answer the question, this is REALLY COOL.

Not because it's basketball, or the because it's NBA FINALS, but because everyone is united behind one team.

When "See Ya" is suddenly replaced by "Thunder Up", that's cool.