OKLAHOMA CITY - Car repair shops across the metro are certainly busy after Tuesday night's storms, especially glass repair shops. But the cost of glass for windshields skyrocketed overnight.

It's been about 24 hours since the storm and the cost of replacing this windshield has gone up by 25%. News 9 went to a local glass shop where the phones were ringing off the hook and the cars rolled in non-stop.

Hundreds of people suffered severe hail damage across the metro. Golf ball size hail left massive dents in car hoods and blew out windshields and windows. And despite Wednesday night's severe weather threat people still are flocking to repair shops.

"I think in any industry when there is a high demand of course the cost goes up." Said shop employee Emily Ellison. "We price in availability to when you come to our shop we check the price and see what it is available for."

But is this price gouging? Technically, no. Any price increase more than 10% after a disaster is considered gouging, but when the price is hiked overnight that does not apply because the governor did not declare a ‘state of emergency' until Wednesday afternoon.

The state of emergency is currently in effect for 35 counties in Oklahoma.