OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police arrest a Yukon man in connection with the murder of an alleged drug user and dealer.

According to an arrest warrant, Ryan Cody Gothard, 27, was arrested on a murder complaint in the death of 50-year-old Janica Shoals. Police found Shoals body on May 18 inside a unit on the second floor of the Ridgeview apartment complex at 7801 Lyrewood Lane in Oklahoma City. Police say Shoals daughter discovered the body. Shoals died of a gunshot wound to the head.

According to the arrest warrant, detectives learned Shoals was a habitual street drug user and also used and sold prescription medication. Friends and relatives told police Shoals sold prescription pills to a man only known as "Whiteboy" who lives in the Mustang/Yukon area.

When detectives checked Shoals cell phone records and contact list, they discovered a number with the contact name being "Whiteboy." Phone records showed an outgoing call made to "Whiteboy" and one missed call from "Whiteboy" on the day of Shoals murder. Police later identified "Whiteboy" as Gothard.

Court papers reveal two Good Samaritans told police they saw a white man enter the breezeway where Shoals apartment was located. Shortly after, the Samaritans said they heard what they believed to be gunshots coming from the breezeway area, and then the same man came out of the breezeway and asked the workers if they heard those shots. Police say the Samaritans told the man 'Yes' and the man stated he would call 911.

911 records show no calls were made by the man. The Samaritans wrote down the man's license plate information that police later traced back to a home in Yukon, where Gothard lived. Police say they believe Gothard is the man who was at the apartment complex and the one who killed Shoals.