OKLAHOMA CITY - Supporters converged on the Oklahoma State Capitol Saturday to rally for Texas U.S. Representative Ron Paul.

The rally's attendees hope to help Paul become the next Commander in Chief.

"I came all the way from Texas, a three hour drive to get here," Ron Paul supporter, Alexandria Inrazaia said.

Passionate political supporters like Inrazaia crowded congregated at the State Capitol to hear Paul. Hundreds chanted and clapped for the man they want nominated for the next President of the United States.

"In Washington they're still sound asleep, They don't want to hear from us yet. But that is our job to hear from us. Let them get the message that what we need in this country is more liberty," Paul said.

Dr. Paul didn't disappoint his grassroots fans bringing his message of liberty--less government and more personal liberty.

"He speaks with the most conviction, speaks with the most reality of how things actually are," supporter Dylan Raines said. "The message of liberty really resonates with young people."

He does have older supporters, but the biggest Ron Paul fans seem to be a much younger generation. He gave a shout out to them and says he appreciates their support.

"There's a lot of, uh, stories written up. ‘Oh, why should those young people be concerned?' And I said because their minds haven't been clouded up," Paul said.

"It's pretty ironic he's the oldest with the largest youth support," Inrazaia said. "I think it's because it really is something different."

Supporters hope to see something different when Ron Paul is mentioned in national polls.

"I don't think he's an underdog, I think he's on top and I really do and the media's not really reporting that, but he's definitely on top," Inrazaia said.

The Paul crowd outside the capitol was estimated at more than 1,000.

About 1,000 people were at a rally for Rick Santorum in Oklahoma City, and 500 showed up to hear Newt Gingrich speak last Monday.