OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma first-grader is proving that one person can make a difference. Although, it doesn't hurt to have a little help from your friends.

Alyssa Walker is not your average 7-year-old. She's not concerned so much about her stuff. She'd rather give stuff to others who really need it.

Just last week, Alyssa Walker encouraged her friends to bring food to her birthday instead of presents, food that she could donate to the homeless community. She got plenty.

That food made its way to these snack bags. Alyssa put her own special touch on each one.

Alyssa wasn't content to just hand her food over, and not know exactly where it was going. She wanted to come outside on a day like Monday and meet people face to face. Her parents helped her make that happen.

"Years ago we donated some clothes and toys to the Jesus House, and ever since then, every night she prays to bless those people and watch over them," said Laura Walker, Alyssa's mother.

"I wanna help people. I have a lot of stuff, and I wanna help other people that don't have anything," Alyssa said.

It may be an unconventional classroom for a first-grader, but the lessons learned on these streets are invaluable.

The Walker family gave away more than 100 snack bags on Monday, each with a personal message from Alyssa.