Xin Xin Liu,

TISHOMINGO, Oklahoma – Agents with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation are looking for two small safes that belong to a Toshomingo woman, who was found murdered on October 26.

According to the OSBI, a home healthcare worker discovered the body of 66-year-old Carolyn Mowrer inside her home. Investigators said two small safes are missing from Mowrer's home.

According to officials, the first safe is described as a SentrySafe Fire Safe model 1100BK. And the second one is much like model 1170. Investigators said one of these safes had prescription medications inside, and the victim used the other one to store valuables.

OSBI is encouraging anyone who has seen the safes to contact investigators at (800)-522-8017, or contact the Johnston County Sheriff's Office at (580)-371-269.