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Jed's Weather Blog: Winter Storm And Then Warming Trend

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For what has been a pretty weak winter season overall, last week has taken its toll on many Oklahomans. I am happy to say that spring is only 41 days away!

That being said, another large winter storm is baring down on Oklahoma Tuesday. This storm will move across Oklahoma Tuesday night and exit the state Wednesday. Six to 12 inches of snow will be possible and the winds will be strong enough to create near blizzard conditions for a period of that time. By drive time Wednesday morning, the roads should be heavily laden with thick powdery snowfall. I suspect this event will mirror last weeks in many ways: Tough travel conditions, bitterly cold winds and bored kids wanting to brace the fridged elements to get out and play!

The cold coming in will be sufficient to freeze up or even bust pipes. This happened at my house with the last cold snap and I was a recipient of no water for two and half days; so I will be making sure my water is trickling through the pipes. I really learned to appreciate a common convenience of needing running water! I will be starting to run my faucets today! The cold will continue through Thursday morning and then a warming trend will begin!

By the weekend, we should have temperatures well above freezing and even climb into the 50's! The weather pattern forecasted next week sets up the possibility of even 60's and 70's. That will feel like summertime!

So let's get though this winter blast together! We will be bunkered in though this event until the roads clear keeping up to date with the information you need to know! You can also join me on Facebook!

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