Amanda Taylor, News 9

Moore, Oklahoma -– Violet Mae Young loves trees. She used to have a huge one in her front yard, but that all changed when a representative with Nationwide Tree Service came to her door saying it needed a little trimming.

She agreed, but a few minutes later, they came back and told her the tree had termites and it had to go.

"I hate losing it," Young said. "But if it was infested with termites, then naturally, we need to get rid of it."

They got rid of the tree alright, but left the crooked stump behind and Young said that wasn't part of the deal.

"I describe it as a terrible deal," Young said. "A lot of neighbors have remarked, it sure does look tacky."

She paid Nationwide Tree Service $500, and the contract stated that would get the tree removed from the front yard.

So Young called Nationwide back and they told her they'd be out that week to remove the rest That was in mid-December 2010.

Now Young has one message for the owner.

"I would say, 'Brian Thornburg, I think you should come and remove this stump and let me give a good report and not a bad,'" Young said.

Owner Brian Thornburg is someone the Consumer Watch Team has met before.

In May 2008, an elderly woman hired him. Her granddaughter called us saying Thornburg ripped her off by overcharging.

He first charged $2,000 to remove a tree but left the stump. It cost her another $2,000 to get him to remove that. His explanation?

"Yes, my work is high," Thornburg said. "I ain't going to stand here and lie to you."

Thornburg could not be reached for comment. His company has an F with the Better Business Bureau