Jon Jordan, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY – Three suspects were caught on camera stealing packages off a homeowner's porch. It's the second time in one week police have responded to a crime like this.

While the suspects may have gotten away in the second incident, they were caught on camera by the homeowner's surveillance system.

The man had installed the security system because someone was stealing his Christmas decorations, but he never thought someone would steal packages from his porch.

The surveillance tapes show a tan colored van pull up and in a matter of second, two women swipe the packaged off the porch. The homeowner was just about to pick up the packages and bring them inside before they were stolen.

"I noticed them whenever I came in and picked up the mail," the homeowner said, who asked not to be identified.

He said he knew instantly what had happened and was able to get a portion of the license plate as a male driver and the two women are seen speeding off. Based on how fast the whole incident lasted, the homeowner is confident the suspects knew what they were doing.

"I truly believe that they were following or had not been the first time, but I really believe that they were following the UPS truck around," he said.

Fortunately, the surveillance cameras were able to get a good look at the suspects' van, but not at the suspects themselves. The poor video quality is why the homeowner said he recently ordered a more advanced camera system, which is actually what was in the packages the suspects ran off with.

"I couldn't believe they were stealing something that would have helped identify them better, but hopefully someone will see this and the tag number and be able to help us all in keeping the city safer," he said. "They'll get caught, sooner or later they'll get caught."

The homeowner said he contacted the shipper to make them aware of what happened and the company said they will send him a new camera system for free.

Many shipping carriers said the best bet for customers is to have packages delivered to work or require a signature.

The homeowner was only able to get a portion of the license plate, but police are still asking anyone who sees a gold or tan colored van with a license plate that contains 843G to contact them.

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