STILLWATER, Oklahoma -- OSU-Stillwater faculty and staff more than doubled the physical activity minutes achieved by students, securing a win in the first-ever Cowboys on the Move campus competition.

Faculty and staff averaged 859 minutes of physical activity per person while students averaged 382 minutes per person.

Cowboys on the Move is an interactive, comprehensive website designed to encourage more active, healthier lifestyles. Since its launch, Cowboys on the Move has accumulated more than 3,100 users and users have entered more than four million activity minutes.

Since the competition began on Oct. 1, faculty, staff and students logged more than one million minutes. The first-ever competition ended at midnight on Nov. 19 and the winner was announced at the Bedlam game on Nov. 27.

To celebrate the end of the competition, First Cowgirl Ann Hargis did the first set of pushups on the ROTC push up board during the BEDLAM game.

"Maintaining balance is such an important part of everyday life, and I am so proud of OSU for making health and wellness an important part of campus life," Hargis said.

"The first-ever Cowboys on the Move competition shows the value OSU places on living a healthy lifestyle and is just one way we, as a group, are striving to be America's healthiest campus."