By Jennifer Pierce, NEWS 9

EDMOND, Oklahoma -- Residents in the Palo Verde addition near 178th Street and North Western Avenue have massive cleanup ahead after most homes in the neighborhood were damaged from flood waters.

As flood waters rushed into metro neighborhoods, residents fled by boat while others watched from a distance.

Leslie Gamble and her family were at work.

"When we saw the Vermejo street sign with the water rushing up high on it, I knew it was not good," Gamble said.

The powerful waters turned their home into muddy, wet mess.

Leslie Gamble said she was blessed to have extra help Tuesday. The Southern Baptist Convention disaster relief team was sent to Leslie's home to assist in cleaning.

The crews pulled water soaked carpets, drywall and mopping out mud, while Leslie and her family tried to salvage what they can. Gamble said they will just take it one day at a time.

"We'll take it day by day, we'll just go on the journey wherever God leads us," Gamble said.

After helping the Gambles, the disaster relief team has a long list of homeowners to assist.

"When they have a disaster you know they can't do it their self, one person can't do this," said Tony Batencourt, with the Southern Baptist Convention disaster relief team.

Gamble and other residents hope to get disaster relief assistance because most do not have flood insurance.

The Red Cross is also visiting flood damage neighborhoods, handing out cleanup kits.