Staff and Wire Reports

GUTHRIE, Oklahoma -- Officials said Cottonwood Creek in Guthrie crested Tuesday morning, flooding a handful of businesses and a church located in a low-lying area on the city's west side.

Police Chief Damon Devereaux said Tuesday the water started moving into the area shortly before midnight and had been slowly rising since. Flood water began to recede in the afternoon and city officials hoped they could reopen city streets by Tuesday evening.

Water got into a dozen businesses on Noble Street, but no homes were flooded. No injuries were reported from the flood.

Long-time Guthrie residents, including those who live near the creek, take these periodic floods in stride--sometimes using them as an excuse for a little water recreation.

The water crept uncomfortably close to the Guthrie Grainerie, which is both business and home for the Pressgrove family.

"This one definitely came up faster than any of the rest. The rest of them were more of a gradual and longer period. But this one really came quick," said Thomas Pressgrove.

He used a stick to mark the water's advance. It reached its crest at 10 a.m.

As the water went down, Sarah Pressgrove plunged into the family's backyard pool.

"We've been through it before, so we're used to it," said Sarah Pressgrove.