By Colleen Chen, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Superintendent Karl Springer put his plan for Oklahoma City Public School teachers and staff before the school board Monday night. The plan will cut teachers, staff, and it cuts more than $17 million in resources, but he said there is no other choice.

Nearly every student that goes to an Oklahoma City Public School will notice a change next year.

"This has been really difficult," Springer said. "This will have an effect on making classes larger in this school district."

Teachers say they're now worried for the students and for their jobs

"Worried about how to pay rent, how to put food on the table, and if they have kids, how are you going to take care of your kids?" said Ed Allen, the President of the Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers.

The superintendent's plan cuts principals, counselors, and over 100 teachers. The costly move will save over $6 million.

"When you commit to education, you know you're not making a ton of money but then it's an insult on top of that," Allen said.

Deeper cuts will be felt in the central office, where only 250 employees will have to absorb nearly $3.4 million in cuts.

"Our professional tech employees are low paid employees and they're getting double hit. There was no raise this year and insurance rates went up so it's a double hit," said an Oklahoma City Public Schools employee during the meeting. "Please consider our professional tech employees when making these decisions."

But Springer said his decisions are based on trying to keep as many cuts as possible out of the classroom. Cuts to textbooks, media materials, utilities and overtime are also in the plans. The number of teachers that will be cut will not just be first year teachers, but include resignations and retirements.

Springer has the ability to start implementing his plan immediately.