OKLAHOMA CITY--The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum presents its "First Person: Stories of Hope" program beginning today, Friday, June 4th and at 1:30 p.m. and continuing each Friday through August 27.

This program provides Museum visitors the opportunity to hear personal accounts from survivors, rescue workers, family members and others of how their tragedy transformed into hope after the devastation of the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

The program is open to public and is free with museum admission—groups by appointment.

"This program allows our visitors to hear firsthand the stories of how these people handled and overcame this crisis and how this city has been rebuilt," said Kari Watkins, Executive Director. "We believe each of these speakers will give insight into how the horror has turned to hope over the past 15 years."

The following speakers will participate in the First Person: Stories of Hope program:

• June 4 – Councilman Gary Marrs, Oklahoma City Fire Department Chief in 1995

• June 11 – Dr. Ellie Lottinville, Disaster Mental Health Responder in 1995

• June 18 – Jon Wallace, Salvation Army Disaster Social Services Director in 1995

• June 25 – Florence Rogers and Terri Talley, Survivors, Federal Employees, Credit Union

• July 2 – Cheryl Scroggins, Widow of Lanny Scroggins

• July 9 – JoeVan Bullard, Assistant City Manager in 1995

• July 16 – Linda Cavanaugh and Tony Stizza, Journalists

• July 23 – Bob Johnson and Karen Luke, Founding Chair and Founding Vice Chair

• July 30 – Donna Weaver and Jeff Weaver, Widow and son of Michael D. Weaver

• August 6 – Chief Bill Citty, OCPD Public Information Officer in 1995

• August 14 – Hardy Watkins, Memorial and Museum Project Coordinator/Owner's Representative and Rowland Denman, Memorial and Museum Design and Construction Committee Chair

• August 20 – Randy Hogan, Survivor and Developer

• August 27 – Charlie Hanger, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper in 1995