By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- This week's wet weather is causing a major headache for many metro residents who are still trying to repair damages from last weekend's hail storm.

Heather Mayfield said she has tried to get an adjuster to check out the damages at her home for three days now. Mayfield's windows were shattered by Sunday's hail storm, and her car was a complete loss. She said getting a rental is next to impossible

"With a 3-month-old and I run an at-home business out of the back of our home, it has been debilitating," Mayfield said. "The tornado victims, I can't imagine what they're going through if this is what we're dealing with with the windows out."

Element Construction owner David Dirkschneider said his business has been swamped with demands for repairs.

"Probably receiving 50 to 100 calls a day of just people wanting someone to come out and look," Dirkschneider said.

But the wet weather's put a damper on repairs.

"Typically the way our policy is if there's a 40 percent chance or more of rain, we just don't work that day. Just don't want to chance it because if you pull shingles off a roof, you don't want to have a roof completely open to the weather," Dirkschneider said.