By Darren Brown,

EDMOND, Oklahoma --It might have been easy to track down Greyson Chance a few days ago. A few days before his multi-million hits on YouTube, before his appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show, and before his celebrity status.

It's not so easy now.

After starting early Thursday morning, and after making a few carefully placed phone calls, I got in touch with his best friend and some of his teachers at Cheyenne Middle School. That story can be seen here.

Early Thursday evening however, after the 6 p.m. newscast on NEWS 9, Greyson Chance actually called us here at NEWS 9.  The now-famous sixth grader apologized for not getting back to us earlier.

Something about being a little busy.

Greyson Chance and his family were kind enough to grant NEWS 9 an exclusive interview and give a little insight into their suddenly-shaken-up lives.  

"It's been difficult and scary, um exciting. But Greyson's totally up for the challenge, and all along, I've kind of known this was coming. I just didn't know when," said Lisa Chance, Greyson's mother.

Meanwhile, Greyson Chance said he is in a sort of disbelief with his sudden stardom.

"I love my fans, I guess, that's what I can say," Greyson Chance said. "I'm just excited because I am literally living the dream."

Greyson Chance said right now he is focused on finishing up the school year, and then he is ready to go wherever the wind may take him.