By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

CHOCTAW, Oklahoma -- A Choctaw High School student, who reportedly screamed racial slurs and put a bag over his head in an effort to mimic a Klansman's hood, has been suspended.

School officials said they received several complaints after the incident happened Friday afternoon. There were also reports that white students were going to bring guns to school and shoot black students, officials said.

Nikki Latimer, a parent, said the school never told her about the threats.

"White kids are coming to the black parents saying ‘You need to keep your kid out of school. Are you aware of what's going on? That there's going to be danger on Monday morning?'" Latimer said.

Choctaw High School Principal Donny Black said the school should have told parents sooner.

"I apologize that that didn't happen sooner. Usually, we're pretty good at it," said Principal Black.

Parents met with school officials and the Choctaw Police chief Monday morning about the incident.

"I'm sorry for our entire student body and community because it's one student giving us basically a black eye," Black said.

Choctaw Police and Sheriff's deputies were on campus and will remain there for the next two weeks. After Spring Break, the campus will re-evaluate whether the extra security is still needed.

Authorities also confirmed racial epithets were scrawled on the wall of the boy's restroom. It's not known whether that incident is connected to the suspended student or whether the suspended student will face criminal charges.

Principal Black said he sent out an e-mail to parents Monday to keep them informed about the steps the school is taking.