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Regular Programming and Severe Weather

Rather than replay programming overnight, News 9 will now "flip" CBS and other programming over to News 9 Plus. News 9 Plus is available on Cox Cable HD Channel 707 or over the air on channel 52. This will be almost immediately and you will be told through an on-air graphic when it happens.

We will no longer flip programming to News 9 Now.  News 9 Now will still be available for repeat airings of News 9 newscasts.  If you are having trouble receiving News 9 Now a channel rescan may be in order. This is for either a Cox Digital Box, a Digital TV or your Convertor Box. Instructions for a rescan can be found at http://www.news9.com/story/12892534/please-rescan-by-aug-30

If your cable or satellite system does not carry News 9 Now please feel free to call them and request that they add it to their channel lineup. Contact information for cable and satellite systems can be found here: Cable and Satellite Provider Contact Information