By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- From the dash cam video to the cell phone video, the confrontation between an Oklahoma State Trooper and a paramedic has played out on media outlets across the country.

Certainly most understand this was likely an isolated incident, but it still has people concerned that the situation that unfolded could ever have happened in the first place.

"Even from New Mexico, I don't think we've ever seen something like this," Donald Varela said.

Varela is in town visiting family and said what really worried him was knowing the whole time the situation played out, there was a person in ambulance needing to go the hospital.

"It just concerns me that if you're in a situation and trying to get to the emergency room that this can happen," Varela said.

Donna Knibbs believes this one incident is making the whole state look bad.

"It sends a message that ‘Are we going to trust our police officers with our safety?'" Knibbs said. "I would be scared to come here if I saw it."

Minerva Nazario, who is visiting from the Virgin Islands, said the incident also scared her.

"For someone visiting here, I was scared," Nazario said. "There is no reason for that type of behavior whether he be a police officer or whoever he is."

But those from out of state also admit while it doesn't look good for the state, they recognize it isn't common either.

"I'm very impressed with Oklahoma, the people, the city. This is just one isolated incident that I know and it just hasn't changed my view of Oklahoma in anyway," Varela said

NEWS 9 and have received numerous comments from people regarding the situation, most people believing the trooper was out of line.

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