Ever wonder exactly what goes on behind the scenes at a news station? How do we get on the scene so quickly? What goes into making a news cast? Who decides what stories air? Come visit us! You will discover each department’s responsibilities to keeping a news station running.

What to know:

  • All participants must be 5th grade or above
  • No groups over 10 (including chaperones)
  • Tours last 30 – 45 minutes
  • This is a walking tour
  • Tours are done on Monday - Friday during business hours only
  • Please request tours at least a month out for scheduling purposes
  • Tour availability is limited

Weather Talk

COVID-19 Update: CDC guidelines, including social distancing, must be in place for our meteorologists to be able to give a weather talk. Thanks for your understanding!

Would you like a meteorologist or storm tracker to visit your facility? They will teach you about severe weather, weather safety and how you can stay calm to better protect your family should severe weather strike.

weather people

What to know:

  • Groups of 50 people or more preferred
  • Will potentially need microphone depending on group size
  • Please note: during severe weather season, these talks are pending breaking weather
weather camp

David's Wild Weather Camp

David’s Wild Weather Camp is the ultimate weather show for your elementary school! Learn about all different kinds of severe weather and how you can stay safe. There will be exciting experiments plus you’ll get to see your favorite weather team!

What to know:

  • 350 kids or more – if your school is not this big, it’s great to partner with a surrounding school
  • Shows are done on Wednesdays only
  • The show is intended for 2nd through 6th grader
  • Since this show includes experiments and props, will need power and a double door with removeable pole

Talent Appearance requests

COVID-19 Update: Appearances must have CDC guidelines in place, including social distancing, for our team to be able to participate. Thanks for your understanding!

Are you interested in having an on-air member of the News 9 team at your event? Need an emcee, judge or Grand Marshall at your parade? Let us know and we'd love to see if anyone is available to join you and your group.

What to know:

  • All requests are based off of talent availability
  • Because of limited schedule availability, the person you request might not be available, but we can work to find another team member to join you