News 9 Video Request

Thank you for your interest in purchasing video from News 9.

Following are the appropriate steps to take in placing your order. Please do not leave any steps out as it may only delay processing your request.

The dubs can be ordered on DVD and the cost depends upon the age of the video you're requesting.

  • $25 – if video aired within last seven months (fee non-refundable)
  • $75 – if video aired from year 2000 until seven months previous to today's date (fee non-refundable)
  • $250 – if video aired previous to the year 2000 (requires major archive search - fee non-refundable)

If you want the same story, but from another time it aired, it goes up the appropriate amount for each airing.

A check MUST be included in the request you mail to News 9.

We only provide one (1) copy of each requested news story, so please do not ask for multiple copies.

Keep in mind that we only save our morning and evening newscasts in high resolution for two weeks (14 days), so place your order quickly. The newscasts are kept in low resolution for an additional seven (7) months, but they have a date and time stamp across the top of the screen. Additionally, we do not sell our raw video. The only video you will receive will be that which comes from our on-air product.

To order a video send a written request (not fax or e-mail) which includes the following:

  • The date your video appeared
  • Specifically what video you want
  • The specific newscast in which your video appeared (5pm, 6pm, etc)
  • Your name, address and phone numbers
  • A check made out to KWTV (for whatever amount covers the number of newscasts you want. The order cannot be processed without the check)
  • Legal Fees: Should a legal entity require any KWTV media for a court case, we require both a subpoena and a check for a minimum of $200.

Send requests to:

Video Sales
KWTV News 9
7401 N Kelley Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Video Archive Request

Thank you for your interest in the KOTV News On 6 video archives. Our rate scale is included below. Please read and indicate your acceptance of these terms by checking the appropriate box. Information about your specific video requests should filled out below.

Be advised that once an invoice has been issued for your order it must be fully paid within 30 days or you may be required to pay additional costs and/or legal fees deemed by the court as expenses to collect the amount of the applicable invoice. Payment from an international account can be made by a bank transfer. Again, thank you for contacting us and we look forward to working with you.

  • Our video sells for $50/second
  • We have a $1,250 minimum which includes: 1) the first 20 seconds of video, 2) dubbing and/or relaying costs.
  • The above fees apply ONLY if you decide to purchase video after viewing the tape we put together for you.
  • Should you decide not to purchase any video after viewing the screener, there is a $300 kill fee which covers our expenses with compiling the tape.