Erica Rankin

Erica Rankin joined News 9 as a multi-media journalist in June of 2019. Erica is originally from Edmond. She went to the University of Arkansas where she graduated with a bachelors in broadcast journalism. After that she went to Des Moines. Erica was there for one year before returning home to Oklahoma City.

While in Des Moines Erica covered the Mollie Tibbetts case. From when Mollie went missing Erica was boots on the ground talking to her family and friends as well as attending press conferences with federal officials.

But, she is thankful to be at News 9 working alongside journalists she watched growing up. Erica has a passion for people and telling their stories.

On her off days Erica likes to hangout with her friends and try new restaurants. So, if you know of any good ones she should try be sure to let her know. At any other given time you can probably find Erica out shopping around town. Erica also has a kitten named Millie, that likes to play fetch, just like a dog.

If you see Erica out and about make sure to say hi! If you have any story ideas for her you can send them to her email.

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